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Games that are not thought to turn out can make me enjoy the gameplay. I actually got this game file a few days ago. Just because I don't really match the gameplay, I finally feel lazy to install it. Even though I know that this game is quite popular because there are some visitors who remember as I once requested if I don't remember the second series. His name is also a matter of taste, so I underestimated first before trying it.

The initial impression when playing this game is the graphics that wow cool. The first time you play it, what you will do in the gameplay is to drive a truck to a base. The gameplay and graphics remind me of the Truck Simulator game. A game that I undid shows it here because there are some very annoying bugs when I play it on my R4P. Not only that, but the game also feels heavy on the run. Maybe my device isn't strong enough.

Construction Simulator 3

Construction Simulator 3

Construction Simulator 3

Construction Simulator 3 Mod Apk Obb 

But thankfully it's not like Truck Simulator, this game runs pretty well on my R4P, even with the default high settings. Then, of course, the gameplay of this game is not just a matter of trucking, but rather about construction like the title. Such as transporting goods/materials to the specified place. We have modern guys, what we have is a sophisticated truck where there is a crane that we can control to transport material to the back of the truck. Just the beginning of the game is as interesting as this, especially the future gameplay later. I am sure it will be more exciting.

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