Grand Theft Auto San Andreas New

Finally, this game has been updated after all this time. And the bad news, this latest version needs OS above Naugat or OS7.0 +. I tried to replace the version of SDK from number 24 to 14 so that it can run on my cellphone, it failed. So finally I had to borrow a cellphone to be able to check my work. Borrow from one of the house people, and it turns out that it works guys. I tried on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Naugat running quite smoothly. I play until one mission has no obstacles. Yes, I borrowed the game for a long time.

If asked what is the difference between this latest version and the previous version !? What I feel is the same. Just keep the main character CJ with the same storyline and hehee scene. Information from the source said several previous versions of the bug have been fixed in this latest version. And reportedly this version is also more stable if played on Android with the latest OS. Regarding whether or not the information is correct, I don't know because of device limitations. If possible, I imagined there was a Pocophone which fell in the middle of the road. I returned it, the one who turned out was Horang rich! And finally it was given to me.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas New

Hope the cheat cheat will be circulated soon. Besides functioning as a cheat, the CLEO apk will also make the existing texture mod function on Android with OS7 and above with more stability. Like the GTA V mod or a unique mod like Naruto. While in addition to the normal apk, only the mod money apk is available. With the installation procedure such as the Nova Legacy game mod apk. Then when playing the game for the first time, select the resume, not the new game. That is all and thank you. Sorry if the contents of the article are very important. The problem is I'm sure, if you discuss this game everyone already knows or even knows better than me.

  • Name : Grand Theft Auto San Andreas New
  • Version: 2.00
  • Mod: Money
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