Samurai Warriors State of War ISO

Samurai Warriors State of War Iso + Savedata - A fun Hack and Slash game made based on stories and characters in Japan during the Samurai era. What I see, this game is an alternative version of the Samurai Warrior version that was released on PS2. Besides having a relatively small size, the pattern of the gameplay is slightly different. The mission area in this series will be divided into a tile or box. Where the blue city is our area, then the red one is the enemy area. Each time we enter a red box, we will do battle inside. The red box will turn blue, when we succeed in defeating the officers who protect the area.

The victory in gameplay is when we manage to crush the leader of the troops, who are usually at the end of the area belonging to the enemy. Herein lies the difficulty, because we also have to pay attention to our troop leader. Believe me, our officers will usually be crushed by the enemy officers at the beginning of the game. And finally we are helplessly protecting our troop leadership from the attack of the enemy officers. The problem is if we don't protect and prevent it on the road, our army leaders will also be crushed. And finally it was game over.

Samurai Warriors State of War ISO

For control, this game is also comfortable to play without the game pad. Even though it's small, this game has good graphics and visuals. Not far behind the PS2 version. Have the same gameplay as well. We can slaughter hundreds to thousands of soldiers in this game. What is unique is that we will be accompanied by several officers at the same time during the battle. Which will be on the side of our character and join in the fight. But yeah! Their AI is unreliable and more like an ambassador than our counterpart. Overall this game is very exciting and interesting.

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