Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk

I like the theme of animals and zombies and have stories that I think are weird. I think the theme of this game is satire. For humans that make animals almost extinct. We will play the humanoid race of this game. And the enemy, of course, leads humans in this game called Tailless Legion.

The Tailless Legion launches a missile that has been filled with wild viruses. A virus that can turn human animals into zombies in this game called Wilders. The virus spreads quickly. To overcome this, a mission from each country is formed. Their goal is to find the AABM missiles that this outbreak can obtain.

This game has TPS gameplay action. With 2D backgrounds and characters, characters can move in any direction. Oh yeah, if you are not comfortable with the default control of this game that moves using swipe. You can replace it using the analog menu option on. The gameplay of this game is quite easy. There are 2 kinds of missions in this game. Besides the main mission, there are also secondary missions that we can take. When we carry out a mission, a sign will appear on the screen. We must go to the mark to complete and complete the mission.

Bad 2 Bad Extinction Mod Apk

In each mission, we can bring 3 other characters plus robots or drones as our troops. In the gameplay, they will move automatically at the request we give them. For example, a request to try or survive. The battle of this game is exciting and crowded. Where there are lots of zombies or wild people hanging around.

  • Unlimited Money
  • Diamond

  • Name: Bad 2 Bad Extinction
  • Version: 1.6.0
  • Mode: Offline

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