Beat Cop Apk Obb

Beat Cop Apk Obb - One more game with pixel graphics with interesting gameplay. With the 80's time setting in New York City. From the information the dev wrote at the beginning of the game, it was based more on the stories of action TV films with the theme of the police. A Point n click simulation game where we will undergo a daily life as a traffic police officer. From what I see, this is the initial career of a police officer. So the tasks assigned to him are only mild tasks, such as ticketing vehicles, rebuking pedestrians and others, including capturing small thieves in action in shops.

This game also has an interesting background story. The main character is Jack Kelly. A former detective, who must start his career back from the beginning because of a typical person. From what I see, he seems to be trapped. I am sure, the progress from this game in the future will also discuss his investigation efforts to uncover the truth and clear his name. What sucks, it seems like his friends, including his boss, look down on Jack. Naturally, if seen from the side he is a new child. But once he was once their boss.

Beat Cop Apk Obb

The beginning of the game was the first day he worked. His first assignment was to greet some shop owners around the police office where he worked. You could say the first day is a tutorial on gameplay. There is a note or note for existing missions. The first day it turned out that there were also several incidents that made Jack have to do a number of things outside of the task given by the police chief. Namely ticketing and towing a vehicle and catching a thief and others. Well, it turns out that every mission that we successfully complete will also provide a number of points.

  • Name: Beat Cop 
  • Version: 1.0.1
  •  Mode: Offline
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