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Finally a hack and slash game appeared with amazing gameplay. I am enthusiastic because I rarely release offline games with this type of genre. This game itself is a full version of the God of Blade game that I have shared the demo version of. For those who have played, surely they know how exciting the gameplay of this game is. Slaughter many enemies in a game that in my opinion has the style of the Devil May Cry game, but there is a QTE button between the gameplay while fighting big enemies and boz. Presenting a brutal exciting battle. Very nice to see, especially the graphics of this game are quite stunning.

But there is nothing. This is a heavy game. The heavy category for me is when I play the game there is a lag and FPS drops on my R4P. Even though it's quite annoying, just cut it off. Then the same as the demo version, the language and writing in this game still use Chinese. Although there is now a cut scene and there is a storyline, we will only be able to guess it, aka it cannot fully enjoy the story. Unless you understand Chinese writing and language.

Blade of God Full Apk

Lastly! The bad news, this game is not full offline. Eits! Calm down first! because it is also not a full online game. This game only requires a data connection every time it is opened, and can be played without an internet connection. I call this category usually Halfline. But I really recommend this game. There is rarely a game as good as this that can be played on Android. Whether it's graphics, gameplay and challenging levels (Fall but exciting). This is the nuance like when we play a game console. Need a strategy and observation against the boss.

  • Name: Blade of God
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Money
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