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About a world that was suddenly enveloped in darkness. This darkness swallows all the light, until the situation becomes pitch black. In the thickness of the darkness, lurking many dangerous dangerous monsters. But accidentally, humans find light sources that are not swallowed by the dark. The source comes from a crystal. The only hope for humanity to rise up and fight the darkness along with the monsters in it.

With these crystals, humans conduct research to overcome this problem. And with the help of crystals as this illumination, we too, who will be in charge of controlling a turret to prevent monsters from approaching and destroying this research. The challenge in this game is this darkness. Where the area not highlighted by light is completely invisible. While the enemy will come from various directions.

Dark Zone Defense Mod Apk Unlimited Money

This game has simple gameplay. Maybe it can be categorized into shooter games. We will control the turret shooting at monsters around us. The turret itself cannot move, we can only play it. Basically, it's a game with a level of difficulty above the average. Even though I use the APK mod, in my opinion, this game is still difficult. Mod only helps open abilities and skills. And unfortunately, all of these things will be obtained randomly at each level change. So I don't think the mod of this game is very helpful.

  • Name: Dark Zone Defense
  • Version: 1.25
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Money + Diaomond

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