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There are several things that make this game must be shared. First is the graphics that I feel are pretty good, second is the flexible animation movement, so slaughtering enemies in this game is pretty fun, then the gameplay. This game has gameplay like an ARPG online game, has a top-down view TPS viewpoint and hack n slash genre. Because this is the battle in this game quite exciting and crowded.

At least it is very suitable for casual players. Because like an ARPG online game, this game also has automatic features. With this feature, the character will move to automatically slaughter the enemies in the area. But this game is an offline game. Then the controls are also comfortable. I don't think the details need to be explained, because they have similar controls to other TPS games. There are a skill and action buttons. Skill will increase based on certain levels of our character, and we can upgrade and use it through the options menu.

Demon Hunter Dungeon Mod Apk

But from the advantages above, there are a number of things that really block it. That is, it is possible this is a mini version of an online game of the same name. Then the less exciting is the mission mechanism in the gameplay that is like the Tower Defense game, in this game our mission is only to protect a crystal located in the middle of the area. With the enemy that will come on the vault.

  • Name: Demon Hunter Dungeon
  • Version: 0.0.2
  • Mode: Offline

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