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The game that I got the visitor's info in the comment column with an account named "Indra", Thank you very much for the info. The one who made doubts was the size of only 20 people. So I once thought that later downloading additional data in the gameplay. Apparently not guys. This game install is played directly. The graphics are pretty good again. Cool, rarely there are TPS games with the smallest size. From the info also this game is played lightly. So the HP potato users don't worry if they are interested and want to download it directly.

This game itself is a robot-themed game with a third person perspective. Approximately similar to the Robot War game online. Only this graphic is simpler and can be played offline. The gameplay itself is very exciting and consists of many missions. The enemies in each mission are very numerous and quite challenging. Even though they are on average with one shot, but their number is that! Sometimes it looks like Dynasty Warrior with a robot feels hehehe. No problem, the challenge is what makes this game feel exciting and crowded.

Destroy Gunners SP Mod Apk

There are several weapons in this game, both close range and range attacks such as missile and rifle. As far as I play this, it is the missile attack that I think is the coolest, because it can chase targets or enemies that we aim at. And even though the ammunition in this game can be used up, we can refill it from a damaged item. But once, because there were too many enemies, we ran out of ammunition. Yes, just change the attack. If the missile is finished replace it with a rifle. Exciting the point. Really recommendation.

  • Name: Destroy Gunners SP 
  • Version: 1.27
  • Mode: Offline

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