Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid 2 ISO

The second game from the Dynasty Warrior Multi Raid series. With stories and gameplay similar to the first series. For those who don't know, the gameplay of this game is different from the general Dynasty Warrior series. The characters in this game function more like an avatar for the player, because the basic game itself is a mission. As usual, there are 2 types of missions in this game that we can take, namely the main mission and request mission from the villagers. Now, this is difficult, because the patches of English in this game are still minimal. So we don't know the contents of the request, but most slaughter enemies in the area on the mission.

And again there is a second weapon that characters can use next to the main weapon or default. The second weapon that we can replace based on needs or complementary in battle. For example, we are weapons of range attack, then the second weapon will be better if we install a melee weapon and vice versa. Like the initial series, there are enemies that can fly in this game. The figure of a witch who is hard to cut and the amount in one area is sometimes quite a lot. For this reason, we need a more effective range attack weapon to slaughter them.

Dynasty Warriors Multi Raid 2 Patch English V3 PPSSPP PSP ISO

In the program, we can get new characters that we can use. Then change characters from the village hotel. It's cool, so we don't get bored using only one character during gameplay. For graphics, it's certainly very cool, and what I feel is the graphics are better than the first series. And this game is just as light. No need to do complicated settings, too, it has been smoothly played. Then, in my opinion, this game will be comfortable playing in the PPSSPP emulator even without the game-pad. Because the functions of the L and R keys are not very important. So control is no problem in this game.

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