Fracter Apk + Obb

Fracter Mod Apk Obb Download - The game that I got from Facebook friends info. Interested because the graphics are only black and white but look charming. This game is a puzzle game, where the theme is about light and darkness.

I did not know at first, but at the beginning of the game the main character was already in a dark world. Until a bright, triangular shape appears. Of course, we must direct the character to enter it. Until it arrived in a room where there was a small round light in the middle of the room with the ruins floating around it.

And here is the beginning of interesting things in this game. This light suddenly moved above the head of this main character and suddenly made the ruins float and fell and formed a mirror. Curious he tried to approach him until an explosion occurred.

Fracter Apk + Obb

An explosion that made several shadows from light and darkness come out of the mirror. Well, they will be part of the gameplay later in each mission. The light and darkness will enter the body of the main character, but we must avoid the dark shadow. Because if you enter into the main character, then game over. But if it comes to black shadow it doesn't matter either. Most games will also repeat from the nearest place. That's what makes this game less challenging.

There are a number of light puzzles in this game, most of which relate to a luminous pillar that we must flow to a cube. In addition, we must avoid the dark shadows or eliminate them by fishing into a light. Overall, this game is quite exciting and interesting. Especially for fans of puzzle games.

  • Name: Fracter
  • Version: 1.09
  • Mode: Offline
  • Genre: Puzzle
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