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Same as the title suggests, this is a game themed about tribal warfare. Our goal is to capture all enemy territory until it reaches the entire region. So the game will begin with a small kingdom. Manage land that the unit can buy to move to buy the area. Whether it's a plot of no man's land or seizing another village or kingdom. With an increasing area, our income will also increase.

There are 8 tribes in this game, with their abilities or strengths. Ada Frelia is an expert in fruits, Ragnarr who is an expert in the management of marine resources and so on. What's interesting about this game is that each tribe has its own guardians, such as the Frelia Tribe with the Golem, or Hann with the Tiger. The type of gameplay itself is a turn-based strategy, both for moving and in the battle. So the movement of our tribe changes with the enemy. The movement of our unit will also be based on tiles or boxes. And like other strategy games, the range moves and attacks each unit differently.


Another important thing in this game is research. Useful for adding technology, managing resources and adding new, more resilient units. I think this is what makes the gameplay of this game longer, but fun. Below I will have 2 apk mods, the only one is mod money but the tribe is not opened, then the other one is the mod opened, while all the tribes have been opened. Choose as needed, if you want to win, you can easily choose mod money, but only three can be chosen. Or conversely, want to enjoy the gameplay with ease and more exciting ?! You can choose a mod unlocked.

  • Name: Hexonia 
  • Version: 1.1
  • Mode: Offline

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