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Finally, there are also themed games about Kingsman's independent spy agent. One of the films that I like, and hopes for a third sequel. Those who have seen the film know how exciting and unique this series is. It was because of their nickname in the field that they adopted the names of the legendary figures of King Arthur. Where their highest leader will be called Arthur, while the other agent is named after the round table knights. Then the cool thing about this agent is that they look elegant. Well, the main character from this series is named Eggsy and in Kingsman he is an agent with a code name Galahad.

This game has an unusual gameplay scheme. The missions of this game take place as an action game, with stealth and frontal fighting in it. But the fight in this game is quite different. If the steal action takes place like other action games, where we finish off the enemy from behind directly. For the battle will take place in turn-based style. Confused to explain it, but because of our movements and enemies during the battle alternately. So I categorize turn-based. It's easy to battle, play it too, and it will also know for yourself. Enthusiasts of the action strategy game will usually like the gameplay.

Kingsman The Secret Service Apk + Obb

What's interesting about this game is that the elements in the movie are part of the gameplay. Like shoes with poisonous knives and sophisticated glasses that can hack enemy electronic equipment, which in this game is the enemy's surveillance camera. Then this game has a different storyline from the two films, which is about the attack on the Kingsman headquarters by a criminal organization. The only person he can still contact is a bald agent named Merlin. Just like in the film, his role is more as an operator and field agent coordinator. The new story with the action of the Kingsman agent makes this game very interesting to play.

  • Name: Kingsman The Secret Service
  • Version: 1.0
  • Mode: Offline

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