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A simulation game about the life of the fighter. Having a background story that is quite interesting and tragic. Narrated a tough fighter with one boy. He realized the potential of the great child and wanted the child to be more resilient than him. Until one day the fighter had to lose his life in a dispute. He must have collapsed because of the firearms fired on his body. It was tragic because his son turned out to be hiding near the scene. At the time of his death, he advised that the child was stronger and tougher than he was.

Well, it turns out, we will play the role of this child who has grown up. We determine the name of the main character. The thing that makes this game interesting is the daily life of the main character. There are 4 things we must fulfill in their daily lives, namely health, food, mood, and energy. You could say like humans in the real world. That's why we need to work to get money. What we can use to buy food and other necessities. There are some jobs that we can take in this game. Making us play will be confused in arranging the schedule of this main character. Because on the sidelines of his daily life, he is a fighter.

Punch Club Full Apk

This is the challenge. we must be able to manage in a balanced way. as fighters, we have to practice so that the strength, agility, and speed of our Hero increases. The goal is to win every match that exists. We can train it in a gym with effective results, or because of other things, for example, because of work or doing push-ups at home. Every time we finish a match, we will get points that we can use to upgrade our skills in battle. To battle, you should play it yourself, which is definitely exciting and full of strategy.

  • Name: Punch Club
  • Version: 1.36
  • Mode: Offline

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