Superheroes Junior: Robo Fighting Mod Apk

It is a Tower Defense gameplay with a camera angle from the side. Ever played the Metal Slug Attack game? That's how the gameplay is. Where we have to protect our tower so that it is not destroyed by the opponent while trying to destroy the opponent's tower to win the existing mission. Just great, this is an offline game.

Then there are heroes in this game that we control manually. This is unique because, from this side, it was the first time I thought this was a slash hack game. Yes, because the hero is moved in virtual analog, with some action and skill buttons on the right of the screen. We can also replace weapons from the hero with different effects, be they swords or rifles. There are weapons with ice, fire, dark and others.

Superheroes Junior Mod Apk

As a Tower Defense game, of course, there is a tower in this game. The tower which functions as a defense or main tower protector in a base shaped game. As far as I play there are 3 towers with different types of attacks, namely Barracks, Grenade Tower and Flame Tower. What we can upgrade also for stronger attacks. At least with the existence of these towers, our base can be safer from the invasion of the enemy.

The other thing to note is, besides the main base/tower that we need to protect, the mission will fail if our hero is killed. So do not rashly attack the enemy base alone. Because in the gameplay we will be assisted by several types of units. There are Guardians, Soldiers, Snipers, Nurses, and others. Each unit has different capabilities and we must buy before we can use it. But because what I share is the mod apk, so this is not a problem.

  • Name:Superheroes Junior
  • Version: 1.1
  • Mode: Offline

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