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The game that will remind us of a genius inventor Nicola Tesla. Because in this game he is the main character in this game. In fiction, of course. It is a top and bottom view TPS game, with gameplay that is very exciting and challenging. It's exciting because there are many elements in the gameplay, challenging because the enemies in this game sometimes attack in large numbers. These two things make this game very addictive. It's hard to sometimes finish the level. But on the contrary, this is what makes us curious and challenged.

On each mission, our level always starts from level 1 and the gun is the default weapon. The beginning of the battle indeed we must often move and teleport (More like a dashboard in my opinion). How else, just a rifle weapon is still inferior to an enemy, a mere gun. But in the battle, we will find weapons that we can take, such as rifles, rifles, lasers, grenade launchers, and others. Then each level increases, we can choose one of the 3 random abilities available. Now, this is interesting, because there are many capabilities of this game, such as increasing the speed of reloading, adding damage, plasma shots and others.

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About the graphics, this game has good, colorful visuals. The effects of playback and other capabilities look really cool. Then for control, this game uses dual analog sticks. Must know the mechanism. Control is also comfortable and responsive, but there are only a few things that require more than complicated such as teleport that must be removed by pressing the right analog button twice quickly. But it seems that this can be overcome with the control options in the options menu. The good news again! for those who have game-pad, this game supports playing using the game-pad. More comfortable if we play it with a gamepad.

  • Name: Tesla vs Lovecraft
  • Version: 1.36
  • Mode: Offline

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