This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise APK OBB

A new game from the unique survival game series titled This War of Mine. At first, I thought this series was also a DLC. Until I made it one with the original version. Uh, it turns out that Kaga, this series stands alone for the Android version. Gameplay with the same gameplay as This War of Mine original, but inserted a story or story in it. The feeling is even thick, whether it's anxious, confused, and worried. Poor I see 2 main characters in this game. War seizes their happiness. Even though they were only civilians who happened to be trapped in the area of war

The game tells of a father named Adam with his daughter named Amelia. Adam had just lost his wife due to severe illness. The war made Amelia's mother not to get the proper care. Since losing his mother, Amelia, who was originally cheerful, has become moody. At the start of this game, they both just moved to a building next to their former home, because a bomb exploded in their old house. We will only play Adam in this game because Amelia is seriously ill not long after her mother left.

At the beginning of this game, we couldn't find supplies because Adam was worried about the condition of his daughter. So at night, the time usually used by characters to collect supplies was not done by Adam. He prefers to look after his daughter. As the day goes Amelia gets weaker and needs a drug as soon as possible. Every day, Adam always tried to find help with the radio broadcast he had, hoping for help. Until one day, Adam's brother visited. He wants to use his nephew to get protection. Because of rumors circulating about the Humanitarian Corridor. A system that provides rocks and shelter for those who have children.

Of course, Adam refused, because the condition of Amelia who was sick. The next day Adam found his daughter missing from his bed. Adam's exhausted condition made him unconscious and he woke up the next day in the afternoon. Now when this is the gameplay of this game it starts. Our mission in this game is to find the princess of the main character. Besides looking for Amelia, we must fight to survive. For example by finding supplies and food. Because just like humans in real life, characters in this game will die if they don't eat. In addition, we also need weapons to defend ourselves, whether from soldiers or other survivors.

  • Name:  This War of Mine: Stories - Father's Promise
  • Version: 1.5.5
  • Mode: Offline

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