Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 Iso + Savedata

Ultraman Fighting Evolution Iso PSP PPSSPPP Is a fighting game with an Ultraman theme which in the series is often called a light knight. What's interesting about this game is precisely the existence of monsters as characters that we can choose. So we can simulate this ultra-human epic fight against monsters. With its distinctive sound. The area with an average setting around the building makes the battle in the gameplay very similar in the series. Very fitting and indeed depicts 2 large creatures fighting.

There are 9 Ultraman characters in this game. But I only memorized a few. Especially the unique shape of Mr. Ultra, Taro and Seven. Each of them has a special attack and that is in accordance with their respective series. For example a laser attack from the hand, Seven who can throw a kind of sickle from his head, until the figure of Ultraman is his special attack ala Kamen Rider, which is a deadly kick. Graphics can also be said to be good, and unique in size that is very friendly, while at the same time being lightly played on the PPSSPP.

Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 Iso + Savedata

For control, this game has comfortable controls that are playable even without the gamepad. We can also remove special attacks easily, only with a combination of directions and circles. But we have to wait for the gauge below the yellow blood bar. If this bar becomes white, we can remove the ultimate attack. An ultimate attack that Ultraman usually does when finishing off their enemies. For other controls, it is not necessary to explain the scheme. The problem is standard and you will know for yourself.

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