1944 Burning Bridge Mod Apk

1944 Burning Bride Is a tactic game or turn-based strategy with the theme of World War 2. This game has many gameplay elements, but unfortunately, it has simple visual gameplay, that is, a unit or character is just a 2D image. Basically, this is an exciting game, especially for players who like this tactic game. Imagination can help us to enjoy the gameplay more. Then just like other tactic games whose gameplay looks complicated, the gameplay of this game is actually quite easy to understand.

There are many units in this game. From Infantry troops consisting of several types with different weapons, to combat vehicles such as tanks and planes. Of course, each unit has its own status. They have a different range of moves and attacks. There are several units that are very useful in certain situations, for example, "Infantry - Flamethrower". A unit that can quickly slaughter enemies in a bunker and take over. Or "anti-aircraft gun units" that can attack aircraft units more effectively.

1944 Burning Bridge Mod Apk

Each unit has the ability to restore its HP unit which also reloads its ammunition. So later don't be confused if there is a red box that makes our unit unable to attack the enemy. That's a sign that the unit's ammunition has run out and needs to reload it so it can strike again. My advice is to start the gameplay by going into tutorial mode. To understand the gameplay base of this game. Like move, attack and defend. While the capabilities of the unit will be explained further later, directly in the gameplay.

  • Name: 1944 Burnng Bridge
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Money

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