Arcane Soul Mod Apk

Arcane Soul Apk Is a slash n game hack with 3 playable characters in it. A male and 2 female characters. Each of them has a different fighting appearance and style. They also have their own background stories. But because I feel not too strong and important, I will not discuss it. Luke and Ellisa are characters with sword skills and magic. But Luke is more offensive, aka relying more on attacks, in contrast to Ellisa who is more strategic. Then the last is an extra character named Lith, he is an elf armed with a sword and can certainly attack with an arrow.

This game has 2D graphics with a gameplay perspective that is next to the slash classic n game hack style. But this game has good visuals and is present. The battle took place excitingly, with quite a number of enemies facing each mission. Although the enemy is quite trivial, at the beginning of the chapter we will only face creatures like Goblins and Slime. It's okay, in the next chapter there are types of enemies that are more challenging to face.

Broadly speaking, the gameplay of this game is the same as other action games. But besides skill and mage, there is a mode called burst. If the gauge on the top left is a full screen, we can activate it. This mode can restore HP and MP characters. Then for control, this game has controls that are simple and easy to understand. The standard is action games. I think by looking at it, we will know the scheme. What must be understood is that there is MP in this game. Which if we attack using magic, then this MP will decrease.


  • Name: Arcane Soul
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Gold

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