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Blazing Star is another classic airplane shooter game. One of the first games we can play in an arcade machine. Maybe one of the visitors has played this game in the past. So you can play nostalgia, without a hundred coins and can be played while lying at home. Only the dev logo can remind us. SNK, it was once synonymous with its king dev arcade machine. Reminds us of popular games such as Metal Slug and The King of Fighter. Which even now is still cool to play.

Blazing Star is a Side-scrolling Shooter game. What is unique about this game is that the gameplay is like a side-scrolling game. Where the gameplay perspective is on the side. The plane will move from left to right facing many enemies that appear in the area. The gameplay provides a different sensation. Because most aircraft shooter games take gameplay with the movement of the plane up. But it also presents the same level of excitement, with the boss having a brutal attack. Showering our planes with lots of bullets to avoid them.

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There are 6 choices of aircraft and pilots in this game. Each plane has a different speed level and power type. And in the gameplay, the types and patterns of shots of each plane are also different. The impression varies. Using certain aircraft can make the gameplay easier. Because there are types of aircraft with missile shots that can catch up. The control of this game is also convenient and easy. Avoidance maneuvers while shooting enemies, we can easily do. Good news for those who have a gamepad. This game also supports playing using a gamepad.

  • Name: Blazing Star
  • Version: 1.6
  • Mode: Offline

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