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Crimsonland Full Apk is a dual stick shooter game with a top-down viewpoint. Games that will offer a solid action, with diverse weaponry with some light RPG elements. Maybe this game developer wants to reminisce with their past because at the beginning of 2017 they released a special HD version for PC, PlayStation 4, and Vita. Until a few months later this remake finally appeared on IOS and Android.

The gameplay of Crimsonland is actually very simple. The player will be placed in a large area with very many enemies appearing everywhere. The player must survive by killing them all using any weapon that the player can get. The character has a health meter and can withstand multiple attacks, depending on the enemy before finally lying down. But usually, when one enemy succeeds in chewing the player's butt, there are usually many other enemies behind who are ready to chew you.

What distinguishes this game from other shooter games is its insane weaponry. The game's main menu will display two choices of modes, namely Quest mode and survival mode. In Quest mode, the player will undergo each mission by surviving the onslaught of waves of enemies. In this quest mode, the player will find new weapons that are more powerful and some boost that supports players in battle.

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There are six chapters with 10 Quests in Crimsonland with three levels of difficulty that players can choose. The player can spend time opening all quests or even chapters in it. But believe me, opening all quests at the lowest level of difficulty is not an easy thing. and it is precisely this challenge that makes this game even more interesting. For survival mode, it's the same as games in general. That is a mode where the player must survive as long as possible

Crimsonland Apk

Crimsonland Apk Download

Download Crimsonland Apk

  • Name: Cromsonland
  • Version: 1.0
  • Mode: Offline

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