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The game that I shared this time is the second series of the Destroy Gunners game. And again this game has a very minimalist size. That is in the range of only 20MB. I emphasize yes, for this game do not value the mini size. Because this game has exciting gameplay and pretty good graphics. Already so, still this game is light and friendly for Android with low-end entry specifications.

For graphics, compared to the series that I shared before, it seems like it's just the same. Just for gameplay, I think this game is more challenging. Because there are more enemies in each mission. The ones that look very different from the second series are precisely the virtual controls that look cooler.

This game has controls that I think have a comfortable scheme. There is an analog to move the character and the d-pad on the right of the screen that serves to adjust the view. What's interesting is the aim that is directed by drag on the screen. And if we use the rifle, the character will automatically shoot towards our finger on the screen. In contrast, if you use a missile, if you miss this aim, it will only lock the enemy target that you will shoot. Exciting isn't it !!

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Like the first series, the basic in this game is a mission. And in certain missions, we will face robots as more formidable bosses. When dealing with this boss, I feel that sometimes the nuances and gameplay are similar to the Gundam game. Then, there is a new mode in this second series, called Boot Camp. which turned out to be a survival mode with missions that were increasingly difficult and challenging in it.

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