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Epic Of Kings is an action adventure game with Infinity Blade battles. The player will act as a former war commander who is now only mercenary and an ordinary knight. The player will receive a mission to continue sharpening his fighting skills while continuing his life. Without the thought of a mission that initially runs, as usual, it usually turns the player into a big adventure. The player will be faced with a monster race that is ambitious to become the ruler of the world. The long-standing fate of the world in peace is now in the hands of the player.

Two factors that make this game so fascinating are the cool graphics and audio quality for the size of the mobile platform. The graphics actually depend on the device guys, on my android friend Asus, what type is it, the graphics look really good so I want to install it on my Samsung J5. As a result, the graphics are broken, because the GPU does not match the Adreno or indeed this game is still in the development stage, but I still play because it is also exciting. This game presents full 3D graphics that are able to display the movement of the hero freely.

The details of each environment and movement also appear polished and convincing. In addition to amazing graphics, this game is also equipped with voiceover in the scene cut scene and gameplay. A variety of cut scenes will present conversations between the main character and other characters. The action element of this game also promises fun and interesting variations. There is also a scene where the main character runs while trying to avoid the attack of the monsters that attack him.

  • Name: Epic Of Kings
  • Mode: Offline
  • Support: GPU Adreno

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