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The first thing that made me curious about this game is the rating that is written 17+. What kind of game is this? Is the scene or gameplay too sadistic ?! I don't think so. It is true that there is a more splashy effect on the blood here. But aren't there some games with similar effects? But not only that! but also because of the dialogue in each scene. Curious ?? Please enjoy the storyline. For those who are good at English, it doesn't matter. But if the understanding is half-like like mine, just play it slowly.

This game has a shooter or sniper gameplay like the Hitman sniper game. But it has a simpler visual. The missions in the gameplay feel exciting and make you curious. Several different types of objectives in each mission make me always find interesting things in the gameplay, as well as challenges. Ordinary, each increase in mission, of course, also increases the level of difficulty. From the beginning, it shot one silent target person, until a shootout with many enemies. From a short distance, from a long distance. Exciting the point. The loss I ignored this game first, only because of the small size of the game.

The narrative story of this game is equally interesting. I like the story because I am a fan of the legendary fictional character Assassin John Wick. In this game, we will act as Assassins with the nickname Lonewolf. He was recruited by a criminal organization to kill people who were at odds with the organization. And Lonewolf always succeeded in getting rid of his targets. But the strange thing about Lonewolf is that he almost never asks for fees for his services. As if he killed just for fun. Until his own motives were suspected by the criminal organization. It could be that he is a threat to them later on. Exciting isn't it? Play it yourself, and enjoy this dark and interesting story.

  • Name: Lonewolf
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mode: Unlimited Money

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