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For a long time, didn't share games with the rhythm genre. It so happened that there was a rhythm game that I just discovered. so I was enthusiastic enough to try it. see what the gameplay is and can't wait to hear what music or song is in my ears. Moreover, all the tracks and songs in the game file that I share are the unlocked mode or open all. It makes me imagine, how much music and songs will be in this game. And after I installed and tried it, there were many songs.

For gameplay! I really like the gameplay. Consists of circles that we have to tap with the right timings. Which in this game means when the arrow touches the ring circles that are on the screen. Apart from these arrows, we can also see the timings of the white circle that surrounds the tone circle. Just like other rhythm games, besides tap, there are also ring tones that we have to execute by holding the tap and swipe. Easy to master and execute.

But unfortunately, the songs in this game mostly speak Mandarin. Frankly, I can't enjoy the songs because I'm not used to music and songs in this language. But still, there are one / two songs that I think are pretty good and good to hear. This is a matter of taste. You might think that the music and songs presented in this game are good and good to hear.


I think I'll try playing with a headset later. Who knows, give a different feel and impression. Sometimes some music sounds much better to hear if we listen using a headset. Sounds of musical instruments that are less / unheard, like surfacing. Do you know what I mean? With a friendly size, this game is worth trying.


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