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Download RayForce APK - As you know so many arcade shooter games that have been present on Android, one of them is RayForce APK. A porting game from the classic arcade game 1993 developed by Taito, a developer who is also the creator of the famous old school arcade game Space Invader. Even though it's just a shooter game with graphics that seem classic, this game is a premium game from PlayStore.

This game has deeper gameplay than just an ordinary shooter game because it has two weapons with their respective functions. There are regular shots that are useful for shooting enemies of the same height as other arcade shooter games. What makes this game more challenging and different is the presence of a laser that is useful for slaughtering enemies located at an altitude below the player's plane.

Download RayForce APK

My advice is to choose an automatic control scheme to make this game more fun, so we can focus more on blowing up enemy aircraft that appear while avoiding the rain from them. What's interesting is that there is unlimited credit, it's like a player has a life that never runs out, even though this is what makes a game less challenging and boring at some point.

  • Name: Ray Force
  • Version: 1.1.4
  • Mode: Offline

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