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Download STAY Full Apk + OBB - An interesting and exciting narrative game. Tells the story of a young man who was kidnapped by someone when he was going to sleep. Many mysteries and questions in this game. Like why did the victim sleep at 4:00 a.m.? What he did until he slept that early. He also kept his identity secret.

Besides that, I was also curious about who and the motives of the kidnapper. Why also in the story, there is an old PC in the dark room. And strangely connected to our PC as a player. Sometimes I suspect if we kidnapped the young man. But it seems, all these mysteries will slowly be revealed in the game's progress later.

This young man was kidnapped with a blow to his head until he fainted. As soon as he got up, he was in a pitch black room. But strangely there is an old PC there that is still functioning. And we are the ones who interact with him, which is somehow why the old PC is connected to our PC / Gadget. There is no audio from the young man, so our communication with him is only using chat/message. The problem is that the young man doesn't know where he is. So we also have a little trouble helping him.

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Whether from panic or just pretending, we should be able to ask for help from the police or IT experts to track the position of the young man. But again, our role is not clear in this game, this is between us who happen to be involved or indeed we are the kidnapper.

But there is a possibility, our role will be clear from the conversation options we choose while interacting with this young man. It looks like there are many branches of this game. Our position at the beginning of the game was to help calm this young man and help him by giving a suggestion to escape the dark room.

  • Name: Stay
  • Mode: Offline

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