The Secret Saturdays Best of the Fifth 5th Sun ISO PPSSPP

The Secret Saturdays Best of the Fifth Sun ISO Android (EUROPE) is a game with platformer gameplay with puzzle elements and action in it. I think this game has exciting gameplay. With 3D graphics in the character and area, the viewpoint of the gameplay is still from the side like a classic platformer game. The main character of this game is a boy named Zak. He carried a stick as his weapon, but the interesting ability of Zak was actually able to knock out the enemy. You can even control them. Even Zak can swing with the rope coming out of his wand. Well, this capability is also part of the gameplay later.

Zak is not alone in this game, he overcomes the problems that exist with his family. There is a father, mother, and brother. I don't know what happened, because I honestly passed the story. It seems they are not family carelessly because each of them has special strength or ability. Then they also seem to protect something on this base. And at the beginning of this chapter, their base intrudes intruders or enemies and creates chaos there. Until this one family finally worked together to overcome this threat. And the point of view of the story of this game will be on Zak.

Although not often, at the beginning of this chapter we are given the opportunity to control the mother. At the time of the tutorial when dealing with or fighting with an enemy, it turns out the box to do a regular attack, a circle for special attacks, and so forth. For controls it seems like it can be comfortably played without a gamepad, it can be enjoyed enough. But it will be much more comfortable if played using the game-pad. And valuable info that might make you more interested to try it is, this game is lightly played on PPSSPP emu. With default settings, the game can run smoothly.

  • Name: The Secret Saturdays Best of the Fifth ISO 
  • Mode: Offline
  • Size: 573 MB

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