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Unknown Fate APK Is an FPS game with elements of puzzles inside. One thing that makes this game very interesting is its stunning graphics. In this game, we will portray a man by the name of Richard. That mysteriously arrives in a strange and unfamiliar world. A storm and a creature lead him to the place. Captured by a giant hand to a portal. Then woke up in a state of forgetting the memory. Don't know about who he is anymore and why he is in this alien world.

In a state of confusion and do not know any, including the past himself. He continues to walk in the lead by a voice. There are many strange things he encountered in the world, such as a snake-like creature, but a beamed body. While walking, he finally found the source of the sound that led him. A strange big creature also turns out, similar to a mecha. Hard to define this creature, look at the screenshot below.

This creature describes the condition of its world that is mined by destruction. The only hope is in an artifact, but the creature in the world cannot use it, and it is also forbidden to use. But Richard is different, our main character comes from the outside world. True, when Richard touched him, he felt the energy from this artifact. This is where the real adventure of Richard will begin. Besides aiming to save this strange world, the progress of the game is also to know the memory of Richard. About his past and his connection to this strange world.

The fun thing if finally there is a game as good as this release. Moreover lately it has been very rare offline games with graphics and gameplay as cool as this release. The challenge of this game does not just puzzle. Because there is a creature in this world that will be our enemy. That will directly attack, if aware of our presence. Fortunately, we get the artifact. Because besides objects to solve puzzles, these artifacts can also be used as weapons. 

  • Name: Unknown Fate
  • Version: 1.202
  • Mode: Offline

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