Last Light Survivor Mod Apk

Game themed zombie apocalypse, with gameplay adventure adventure but based on missions. Uniquely from this game, each mission is related and forms a story / story. Telling a survivor who alone lives his life in a world full of zombies. He felt that he was the only human left. Until one day he found a radio communication. Unexpected thing when he is connected with other people. Someone who will guide the main character to be able to join him. He said he was in a safe bunker.

This person also tells how to survive from zombies. About even more dangerous evenings, looking for useful items from people's homes, avoiding being chased by zombies and so on. He even knows the routes of the area where the main character is. Which is quite unique from this game is the graphics that look like a painting, and the gameplay screen in the form of a portrait. For those who will later download and play this game, if you search for zombies, they will come out on the third mission. Yes, a few times later someone will go first. Where's the zombie? how come the zombie game is quiet.

So don't worry? Because we will meet them later. And they are quite annoying when they meet with the main character, they will pursue us. Persistent, the only instant way to run from a zombie chase is to enter a house. Smart zombie in this game, because they will leave right away as soon as the main character enters a hehee house. But it's really true, too. because if the zombies wait for the door, where can we run away? Is not it? Then at level 4 we have to open a locked house with a puzzle. In the form of a simple addition.

  • Name: Last Light Survivor
  • Version: 1.45
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Point

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