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Finally, the game that has been waiting for a long time for release was also on Android. Game with a Dark Souls-style concept, which is uniquely 2D. It means that every time we die, we will be revived. Then there is something called cells in this game, which functions like souls in the game Dark Souls, its function is to upgrade. But the cells that we get will disappear if our character is killed. So later if you find a place to upgrade, just finish the cells.

The first impression is right when playing, exciting biz this game. Not as difficult as I imagined. The level of difficulty is right in my opinion. Many things are very helpful in this game. For example, there is a portal that can directly get us to the place that we visited, and there are many types of weapons that we can find. As an arrow that we can use to attack enemies from afar. Then there's rolling that we can use to avoid enemy attacks.

The good thing, as I suspected, this game can be played using a game-pad. For me, I tend to use a game-pad. Yes rather than unemployed right. Already bought not used period. Another reason is that the buttons are easy to execute. Easy to memorize the movements. It shouldn't be game-pad, it doesn't matter. It's just that it takes time to memorize the location and function of each button. Because there are many buttons in the gameplay. Overall, I really recommend this game.


  • Name: Dead Cell
  • Version: 1.1.14
  • Mode: Offline
  • Mod: Unlimited Money

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