Fast Five The Movie Official Apk Data

Fast Five The Movie Official Game is another old school game most interested by gamers. This old game turns out that we can still play it on an Android smartphone. Because this game has been proven to be played, here are our impressions of playing the fast five the movie game.

The first impression is playing this game, both graphics and gameplay. At least the same control with most racing game controls that came out at this time. Then the game file that I found is a fully offline game. Then this game already supports multitouch. But there is bad news or shortcomings from the game file that I found this is. Besides having to play at a resolution of 800x480, loading this game is relatively longer than the game in general. Then in the mode when we choose the car that we will use to race, there is a bug lag. So when we will choose another car, the screen will be blank for a few moments before smoothly returning. So this post I dedicate to the lovers and connoisseurs of old school games, who accept the advantages and disadvantages of the game file.


  • Name: Fast Five The Movie Official Apk Data
  • Version: 1.07
  • Mode: offline
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