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Do you know of cool platformer games? For those who don't know, the popular genre is Super Mario Bross. The game where we have to jump between platforms, slay enemies, and pick up coins. Characteristics of Star Wars are very thick felt in this game. The enemies it faces and the conflict between the rebels and the Empire. And this game itself was also connected with the series, exactly 5 years before the Star Wars IV film New Hope was present. So at that time, there was a hunt for the Jedi knights. The era of the Jedi fall, where Obi-Wan Kenobi suddenly disappeared and became an escape.

But in this game, the story will take place from the perspective of several people from the rebel circles. There are 5 characters playable in this game. There was a young man named Ezra, Ahsoka, Hera, the beautiful Sabine, and Zeb. There is only one character that can be played, while others can only be opened with an IAP game alias must be purchased. But calm, I have the same data where all IAP has been purchased all. So all characters and levels can be accessed. So it can be said if this is a full game. With data records correctly put in place.

This game control scheme is also easy and convenient. To move the character there is only d-pad left and right to move the character. Then there is the jump button, then an action button to do slashes and shots if we pull or swipe the action button in the direction the enemy is. This is the control for Ezra and Right. The thing is I haven't been able to try any other characters. Who knows, they might have different attacks because of different weapons. This game is a recommendation. Exciting and not too difficult, so it feels very entertaining. Graphics are also pretty good even though the point of view is on the side.

  • Name: Star Wars Rebels
  • Version: 1.40
  • Mode: Offline
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