Tekken 6 + Tekken 7 PSP PPSSPP iso Android

Game Tekken 7 + Tekken 6 PSP PPSSPP ISO Android High Compress - This is an android game that has long been played on a PS2 console device that if you have ever played a Tekken game you definitely want to reminisce again. Because I'm will provide a Tekken game download link for Android with ISO format and you have to play it using the PPSSPPP emulator.

Talking about Tekken will definitely make a gamer immediately remember about a legendary Fighting game from Namco Bandai. The game whose main story is always about tournaments relating to conflicts from members of the Mishima family, Devil's genes, and the family curse that usually drags several other characters involved in it. The special thing in this whole series is the combo too. If the player is very good at playing this game, maybe the player can issue a combo without stopping until the enemy sprawls without even having a chance to attack one time.

The PSP PPSSPP Iso Tekken game was actually released for the first time on December 9, 1994, and was finally published on December 18, 2008. Games that started from the PS console have now penetrated into the world of smartphones, especially Android smartphones.

PSP Game PPSSPP Tekken 7 Small Size is the coolest game because you can play with offline mode and very exciting gameplay plus the 6 ppsspp Iso Tekken game is a fighting game or the most patriotic fighting game wherein the game you will fight with 1vs1 enemies.

Tekken 6 + Tekken 7 PSP PPSSPP iso Android

Tekken 6 + Tekken 7 PSP PPSSPP iso Android

  • Name: Tekken PPSSPP iso
  • Size: 770 MB Tekken 6
  • Size: 430 MB Tekken 7
  • Develover: Bandai Namco
  • File: Iso
  • Format: rar

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