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Prey Day Survival Mod Apk + Data (Weak Enemies) is an MMORPG game where there are only zombies and mutants. Just like other MMORPG games, this game hones your skills by surviving between zombies and mutants. In this game, players are challenged to create teams and work together to avoid the cruelty of zombies and mutants, even players have to create clans to avoid monster attacks.

Because Prey Day Survival is a self-defeating Survival game, players will feel the sensation of playing the game in a very pragmatix Open World way. Actually, the Prey Day game has similarities with the LDOE game where players will be familiar with the features and will be spawned unarmed where there is no tutorial to teach you about gameplay. all you have to do is gather supplies and resources and build shelter. craft weapons and survival tools using your prey day mod apk for Unlimited money and free craft. you can build your home and craft different tools. use them to craft weapons and suitable cloths.



  • Name: Prey Day Survival 
  • Version: 1.129.1
  • Mode: Online

Whats new:

  • The maximum number of clan members has been increased to 20.
  • You can now get additional “hidden” loot in many places by spending a tool.
  • Added a new set of armor and a SPAS-12 shotgun.
  • Added poisoned bolts for the crossbow.
  • Added display of burn and poison effects on enemies.
  • A stack of items can now be picked up from the mail in parts.
  • Tooltips no longer overlap with your finger.
  • Added the option to remove items by dragging them onto the trashbin button.

What’s In The MOD APK:

  • Enemies Wont Attack/No Hunger/Access to All Locations

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