Last Pirate Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Download Last Pirates Mod Apk - Is a survival game where you will survive in the most dangerous conditions on an island. This game made by the developer RetroStyle Games UA gives an objective impression that is different from most other survival games. Here you will become a pirate or pirate to collect enough equipment, water, and food supplies to fight the enemy.

The graphics in the Last Pirates game also display a very stunning scenario in other words, you can play the game in 3D mode while this game mode is offline. In each set you will find danger around every corner and surprising risks in areas that may appear calm.

One of the dangers you will face is an attack from zombies, use the various tools you have from the robbery stored in a bag to kill all zombies and become a person who can survive for a long time on an island. In essence, you must have a strong soul and not let your guard down in the face of enemies.

Last Pirates Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Money


  • Name: Last Pirates
  • Version: 0.911
  • Mode: Offline

What's New:

  • HUGE BUG-hunting update:
  • FIX possible construction disappearing
  • FIX disappearing of Chests / Craftable items etc
  • FIX possible disappearing of Grave items
  • IMPROVED resurrection logic when not enough coins
  • IMPROVED IAP enrollment during sudden game exit
  • ...dozen of other improvements!

What's in The Mod:

  • Unlimited Money

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