The World 3 Rise of Demon Mod APK + Data (Unlimited Gems/Money/Skills)

Download The World 3 Rise of Demon APK MOD Full Unlock - This is a Role-Playing Game / RPG game that has stunning graphics and gameplay. Interestingly, you can play this game in offline mode. The characters in this game are also very amazing and make you curious about the various challenges you will face.

Game is short in size but it has so much good parts to enjoy. as you can see money is unlimited you can purchase anything and upgrade your characters easily. at the beginning of the game you will be taught how to use controllers.there are two classes warrior and mage.

In this game, there are male and female characters who have different abilities and fighting styles. You can see the male character carries a sword that is in a close combat style, while the female character has a long-range fighting style with magical abilities. But keep in mind, each character also has weaknesses such as male characters who have difficulty fighting long distances or female characters who have low defenses.


  • Name: Unlimited Gems/Money/Skills
  • Version: 1.28
  • Mode: Offline
  • Requirements: Android 4.0 and Up

What's In The Mod:

  • Unlimited Gems/Money/Skills

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